Weight loss with oleo de cartamo

When it comes to your health understanding how foods and other products you put in or on your body is very important. There is always confusion as people are just not as educated as they need to be when it comes to the health of their bodies.

The people of Portugal have stumbled across an item that many of us Americans have over looked it has been said that this product has amazing health properties for everything like our skin, hair, heart, and it has an amazing weight loss properties in Portugal they call it oleo de cartamo, Which in the English language is safflower oil.

What is oleo de cartamo emagrece (http://oleodecartamoemagrece.com.br)?

Safflower oil, not to be confused with sunflower oil is obtained by the safflower seeds. It is in the family of cooking oils like olive oil, vegetable oil and canola oil except safflower oil has outstanding health benefits. Different seeds make different quality of oils so safflowers oils are used for many different things. Some are good for cooking or frying and some can be applied directly to your skin.

What does Safflower oil do?

Safflower oil has many uses and does many things but the main reason people rant and rave about it is its weight loss benefits. First lets look at the other benefits to this oil.

It is great for your skin.
It is great for your heart.
It is used in hair with amazing results.

When it comes to the skin people use it as a moisturizer and it has been found to be very effective with common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis also using it as a preventive oleo de cartamo funciona measure with acne prove skin. It is beneficial to the heart as it is full of the necessary omege 3 fatty acids which is a go to when keeping your heart and other vital organs healthy. When people used it in their hair it worked best as a leave in conditioner type treatment and less flyaway and frizz were noticed.

As you can see there are a multiude of ways to use this oleo de cartamo plus it is very healthy and cheap.

When it comes to weight loss safflower oil was found to have a large amount of omega 6 also known as linolenic acid. When consumed daily in plain oil form it has been proven to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure which go hand in hand with obesity. You can read more about the weight loss benefits here at oleodecartamoemagrece.com.br